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    In the project Equal Culture we work with expert groups consisting of teachers from special schools and special teaching groups, parents and children with neuropsychiatric disabilities. The idea for the project came up thanks to teachers and pupils at a school/home in Lödöse for young people with different types of intellectual and developmental disorders and autism. They visit us several times a week, but some of the young people can’t join in because the environment presents too many barriers. We want to change that. We want everyone to be able to share our cultural programme. We want to offer culture for everyone!

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  • Skärvorna ger svar om medeltidens Lödöse

    Bland det rika materialet från den medeltida hamnstaden Lödöse finns rester efter många hantverk, till exempel skomakeri och smide. Något krukmakeri har vi aldrig hittat och all keramik har ansetts vara importerad, främst från Västeuropa. Men nu, först nu, vet vi bättre. Nya naturvetenskapliga metoder har gett oss sensationella svar om skärvorna – under hela medeltiden har nämligen keramik producerats på plats i Lödöse!